Aachen Data & AI Meetup: “Data Science in a nutshell”

How can I make quick and smart decisions in the face of unimaginable amounts of data?

“In recent years, all the headlines about data […] and artificial intelligence have diverted our attention from the most important thing: decision support” – Dan Vesset

The next Remote Aachen Data & AI Meetup will provide answers:

Aachen Data & AI Meetup: “Data Science in a nutshell”

  • Tuesday, 23.06., from 18.00 hrs.
  • Remote via Zoom & of course free of charge

💡 In the Meetup, we will decode how your organization can make practical use of the hyped superpower of data science. How can it gain a decisive advantage? What procedures and skills are required? In addition to an overview of the most important components, the speakers will also provide practical examples.


What is data science and how can you use its super powers to strengthen your organization? This meetup will help you understand the core facts and principles of data science. It will unveil the skills you need to make a difference in our digitized and rapidly changing world. We’ll talk about the biggest challenges that organizations and individuals face. You’ll discover and understand what the hype of data science really is about and how it works. We’ll discuss how it can help you and our region. You’ll hear about a variety of real world examples to help you gain a better understanding of these concepts. Of course, there will be possibilities for networking. In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us by email at data.ai.meetup@gmail.com.

=== AGENDA ===

– 18.00h: Welcome
– 18.05h: Introduction: Data Science in a nutshell

The time-bound dimension of analytics:
– 18.25h: What happened and why? (analysis, reporting, monitoring)
– 18.45h: What will happen? (predicitve analytics)
– 19.05h: How can I make it happen? (prescriptive analytics)
– 19.25h: Talk specific Zoom breakout rooms

– 19.45h: Summary
– 20.00h: End: Next Events Announcements
– 20.00h: Discussion & open end


The Meetup takes place with the kind support of:

  • Generali Deutschland Informatik Services
  • e.GO Digital GmbH
  • bridge:com
  • Thomas Gerstmann – Data-Driven UX Optimization
  • the medialists
  • AC.E Aachen Entrepreneurship Team
  • digitalHUB Aachen

P.S. I also deal with data-driven decisions in the coaching and training courses I offer for organizations. If you are interested, please get in touch.