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Analytics Deepdive Package

Get the most out of your data now!

Uncover the greatest potential of your website, your app or your online store. With my proven Analytics Deepdive Package. At a fixed price. With money-back guarantee.

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I offer a discount of 33-38% for the next two orders of an Analytics Deepdive Package. First come, first served.

Your most important advantages


With the Analytics Deepdive Package, you can uncover problems and potential for your website, store or app.

Your users will thank you for it. And you yourself will achieve your goals better and make a greater profit.

Google Analytics Qualified Individual
  1. Data and facts instead of gut feeling – Contrary to many decisions for new projects, my recommendations are not based on gut feeling. The foundation is hard facts based on findings from high-quality data.
  2. More than 15 years of experience – as a data analyst, I have analyzed and optimized many websites, stores and apps over the last few years. You receive a high-quality and comprehensively documented data analysis.
  3. My established and proven analytics deepdive process leverages insights – The underlying process and framework are constantly evolving for more and more ROI.
  4. At least 10 directly implementable and high-quality recommendations for action – All ideas and recommendations are already prioritized for you. According to the factors impact and implementation effort. You can pick up on the best potential immediately and implement it.
  5. At a fixed price and with a money-back guarantee! – You receive the deepdive analysis from an established data analyst at a fair fixed price. And if you do not gain any new, relevant knowledge, you will get your money back.

This is all in the Analytics Deepdive Package

Kickoff workshop

As a data analyst and UX specialist with a trained eye, I gain an in-depth understanding of your organization, your goals and the issues that currently concern you the most.

Technical Analytics Tool Compact Check

I check your analytics data quality at the beginning in a small “compact” check. Because your data quality is absolutely essential as the basis for my analysis.

If it turns out that your data quality is insufficient, we will have to add the larger “Analytics Toolcheck Package” and, if necessary, improve tracking implementations in order to first check and ensure the required data quality.

Complete documentation

You will receive a *complete* documentation with all the documents I have created – consisting of the components listed below:

  • Management Summary
  • The analyzed data
  • All already prioritized recommendations for action
The analyzed data

I provide you with all data incl. the links to the underlying tools. This means you can customize everything down to the last detail. of the underlying sources. Just as you would expect from a professional data analyst.

Minimum 10 already prioritized recommendations for action

Finally, recommendations for action are derived from the findings.

All recommendations are then evaluated according to your goals and priorities so that the best potentials can be implemented directly.

A management summary

All the most important statements are summarized in a clearly structured management summary.

So if you like it compact, all you have to do is look here and you can save yourself the trouble of reading and discussing the other details. And continue directly with the core findings and recommendations.

Presentation and discussion of the results

All findings and recommendations from the deepdive analysis are presented and discussed in detail in a final presentation.

Your developers can critically check the anticipated costs. On this basis, we can tackle those ideas that have the greatest leverage AND can be implemented most quickly first.

In addition to this analytics package offer, as a data analyst and UX expert I am also available for further implementation support of the most important measures – as well as for further success analysis.

The measures can possibly also be tested using A/B testing or implemented in the form of personalization.

How the Analytics Deepdive project works


You grant me access to your analytics tool, your consent management (so that I can also take your current consent rate into account) and – if available – other tools/exports such as a session replay tool like Hotjar, Mouseflow or a CRM system.


In the kick-off workshop, we get an overview of your organization, your goals and your current key issues.


The following is a small, technical compact check of your analytics tool. I check whether the data quality of the tool basically allows reliable statements to be made.


This is followed by the creation of the deepdive analysis with a clear focus on your main objectives.

I guarantee that I will uncover at least 10 new insights and recommendations for you. If you are not convinced by the findings, I will refund your money.


Finally, the results are presented and discussed.

You can implement the newly gained knowledge and recommendations directly. I would also be happy to support you in this.

Bonus: I am also available for further support and queries after the project has been completed. Money-back guarantee: And if the results have not produced any new findings, you will get your money back.

What customers and colleagues say

“Thomas and I have worked together conceptually on several budgets. I was always impressed by his honest, analytical approach and, above all, his empathy for users and their needs. Unlike so many analysts, he knows how to put figures and human behavior into the right and, above all, verifiable context. I can therefore highly recommend Thomas, especially for complex projects in the ecommerce environment, and would be happy to work with him again at any time.”

Alexander S. Mai
Client Partner
Publicis Sapient

“Thomas has helped us a lot with his experience and his fast and transparent way of working” (Mathes Design GmbH)

(Google My Business)

“Thomas and I have been working together for some time as freelance consultants for various e-commerce companies. It is structured, communicates well and transparently and provides excellent support for user-centered decisions by incorporating the right data.”

Dr. rer. nat. Anna Lea Dyckhoff

(Google My Business)

Your customized Analytics Deepdive Package

I offer the following customized analytics packages: The Analytics Deepdive Silver Package offers you the Core Analysis. With the Gold Package, we also include the technical analytics tool Check Package, including a discount. And the Platinum Package also includes a second round of analysis. Because experience has shown that we can gain even deeper insights this way. Also included here. Discount.

I offer a discount of 33-38% for the next two orders of an Analytics Deepdive Package. First come, first served.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or MS Teams at or by telephone on +49 177 6806793.

Frequently asked questions

We don't have any internal resources available at the moment, but does such an analysis still make sense?

This is indeed an important topic. Resources are often decisive for success when it comes to implementation. But:

After a short kick-off in which you introduce me to your most important goals and current issues, I can carry out the analysis without any additional resources on your side.

As a rule, the results of the analysis already provide comprehensive “aha” moments, so that my customers are very grateful for new insights even without realizing the potential.

What’s more, I can often lend a hand with the implementation of the identified ideas in the next steps. For example, through A/B testing and personalization.

Doesn't it make sense to implement individual data and events before such an analysis?

It often makes sense to analyze the already existing and very extensive data first.

An implementation project for new, interesting data points often makes sense, but is also usually time-consuming. That’s why I usually only recommend this in the second step.

Who is the analysis suitable for, and in which sectors have you already analyzed?

The analysis makes sense for anyone who uses a web analytics tool. For example, Google Analytics. I also like to use other data sources where available.

In recent years, I have carried out a wide variety of analyses on B2B websites, online stores and apps.

The industries I have worked with range from hi-tech companies, online stores, SaaS startups/mobile apps, financial services, banking and insurance to the automotive industry, furniture, cosmetics and medical/medical technology.

You can also have an AI do that. Why should I still book the Deepdive Package?

Yes, of course, ChatGPT in its current version can be fed very well with CSV exports from various tools, and thus provide considerable added value.

I also use AI for intermediate steps. But my analysis is more than that.

The added value of my Analytics Deepdive package lies in the holistic view of your website, your app and/or your store.

Do you have any further questions? Then please contact me by e-mail or MS Teams at or by telephone on +49 177 6806793.

About me

Thomas Gerstmann - Conversion Optimization & Data Analytics
Thomas Gerstmann - Conversion Optimization & Data Analytics

Since the early days of the Internet in 1996, I have been helping organizations optimize their online presences. In the meantime, I have gained a wide range of skills and experience in data-driven conversion & UX optimization. My goal is to help stop global hunger – #ZeroHunger.

With my photographic portrait of todays society “Objektiv auf unendlich” I am a member of the artists organization “Berufsverband Bildender Künstler” and on Instagram.

I am also involved in the digitalHUB Aachen e.V.. I also organize the Data & AI Meetup Aachen and co-founded the Plattform Aachen e.V. association.

Thomas Gerstmann - Conversion Optimization & Data Analytics
I support the digitalHUB Aachen with conversion optimization

Member of digitalHUB Aachen

Member of the We Design Network as an expert for data analytics & conversion optimization

Member of the We Design Network

Startup Mentor at Plug and Play Insurtech Munich

Startup mentor at PLUG AND PLAY

I support the digitalHUB Aachen with conversion optimization

Member of digitalHUB Aachen

Member of the We Design Network as an expert for data analytics & conversion optimization

Member of the We Design Network

Startup Mentor at Plug and Play Insurtech Munich

Startup mentor at PLUG AND PLAY