Piwik PRO and Mouseflow for the perfect user experience – how to optimize your website sustainably now

As a marketing manager in the SME sector, you want to ensure that your website not only attracts visitors, but also generates conversions. Data-based optimization can help you to make your website more attractive to visitors and increase your conversion rate at the same time. In this article, you will learn how you can use Piwik PRO Analytics and Mouseflow to gain valuable insights into your users’ behavior and optimize your website for a better user experience and higher conversions.

      The correct implementation of Piwik PRO Analytics and Mouseflow

      The correct implementation of Piwik PRO Analytics and Mouseflow is crucial for the accuracy and reliability of your data. During implementation, however, challenges may arise in connection with consent management. Here are three important points you should pay attention to:

      1. Create a privacy policy that is clear and understandable for your visitors.
      2. Use a cookie banner to obtain your visitors’ consent to the use of cookies.
      3. Ensure that all data collected by Piwik PRO Analytics and Mouseflow is GDPR compliant.

      Create a strong analysis

      To create a strong analysis, it is important to focus on the right data points. In Piwik PRO Analytics, for example, you can see how your visitors interact with your website and which pages are visited the most. You can use this data to gain insights and optimize your website in order to increase the conversion rate and improve the user experience.

      An example of this would be improving the user experience and increasing the conversion rate of a contact form for lead generation. By analyzing the data from Piwik PRO Analytics, you can find out where visitors bounce on your contact form and where there is room for improvement. Based on these findings, you can then optimize the contact form to increase the conversion rate.

      Based on the findings from Piwik PRO Analytics and Mouseflow, you can optimize your website and your contact form to improve the user experience and increase the conversion rate. For example, you can optimize the layout of the contact form to make it more user-friendly and increase the number of completed forms.


        Piwik PRO Analytics and Mouseflow are powerful tools for data-based optimization of websites. Correct implementation and configuration are essential in order to obtain meaningful analyses and findings. One example of this is improving the user experience and increasing the conversion rate of contact forms for lead generation. A strong analysis and optimization based on the collected data makes it possible to effectively optimize your own website and the contact form and thus increase the conversion rate.

        As an experienced Piwik PRO Analytics partner, I am also happy to provide personal support in the implementation, analysis and realization of the findings. Thanks to my experience and expertise, I can make valuable recommendations to exploit the full potential of the tools and optimize your website. Please contact me for further information and support. Thank you.