Zero Hunger

Worldwide hunger is one of humanities biggest issues. As humanity – in the year 2024 and although sustainability plays such a big role – we still have not yet managed to reach zero hunger on our planet.

I don’t want to sit and watch one more second.
Let’s dive into this new category of my blog!

My Roadmap To Fight Hunger: The Next 6 Steps

My Roadmap To Fight Hunger: The Next 6 Steps

Let's work together to fight hunger around the world! My name is Thomas, and I am joining the fight to reach zero hunger. Because it's just so sad, that still in 2024, despite our technological possibilities, people still starve. Today, I'm defining my roadmap for the next months: I want to explore, what causes people to go hungry, come up with new ideas, and connect with other people who care about this issue. By working as a team, we can make a difference and help those in need. Thus join me...

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