My Roadmap To Fight Hunger: The Next 6 Steps

Let’s work together to fight hunger around the world! My name is Thomas, and I am joining the fight to reach zero hunger. Because it’s just so sad, that still in 2024, despite our technological possibilities, people still starve.

Today, I’m defining my roadmap for the next months: I want to explore, what causes people to go hungry, come up with new ideas, and connect with other people who care about this issue.

By working as a team, we can make a difference and help those in need. Thus join me on my journey!

Zero Hunger - Understanding the Problem

Step 1: Map out the route to Fight Hunger

The fight against global hunger is a central goal for sustainable development. Global hunger – in fact – affects us all: It’s one of the most sad chapters of todays society. Despite our technological advancements, we still haven’t solved this problem in 2024. And it sometimes seems to me, not few of us have given up this fight and accepted this unfortunate situation.

Now, it’s time to join those making a difference. I am committed to this cause out of personal conviction and faith. The journey starts with using my fire for this desaster as well as my expertise in web analytics and creativity. For example through art projects, to raise awareness, discuss the roots of the problems and support innovative startups as well as help organizations. Follow these two links to read more about the first blog post about the project start and the second post about my “why?” and my motivation.

So, this first step is already ongoing since several weeks and months: It took time to identify the topic. To define the project. To start communicating my plans. For this, a few weeks ago, I set up this new blog. On this basis, my journey now can be documented. Also, with the blog, now I am able to collect all types of infos, ideas and materials. Besides this, one thing in particular has become clear to me:

This blog really helps me to develop and hone my own thoughts.

And to share them with you all. I am convinced it is an awesome basis for different types of collaboration and further development.

Zero Hunger - The Issue and my Motivation

Step 2: Understanding the Problem

To effectively address global hunger, understanding the problem as a foundation for a holistic approach is essential. 

Why do people still starve in 2024?

This second step is about really understanding the problem and causes of global hunger. Now it’s time to take a deeper look at all those different regions of the world, at the different causes, triggers and all those facets: During the next weeks, I’ll write and collect as many core aspects. My next blog posts will be about this. Eventually, it will become even more than just one blog post. We’ll see.

Right now, I am researching and collecting material. In case you know interesting aspects, please comment and let me know. Thanks!

Zero Hunger - Understanding the Problem

Step 3: Find Possible solutions and focus topics

Surely, out of the researched problems and causes, let’s find and develop ideas as awesome as possible. Let’s get into the focus topics where significant further impact can be achieved. Let’s open up new ideas. We have more and better technologies and tools than ever before. The paradigmatic arrival of AI is just arriving. Thus, let’s use these massive possibilities for nothing less than stopping hunger.

For instance, I plan to consult chatGPT, Mistral and and other language models for concept drafts. You’ll read in my next posts coming up during the next weeks and moths about this.

Let’s find out what really can make a difference.

You know amazing ideas and concepts, I also should know about?
Please let me know and tag them in the comments below!

Zero Hunger - Develop possible solutions

Step 4: Research Existing Solutions

Which solutions are already being pursued by other people, organizations, or startups? How effective are these ideas? How successful are they? Can I support them to get even better? Or have we found entirely new ideas that no one else has thought of? 

Maybe all the good ideas we need are already there?

But, if they’re all already there, of course, it’s clear that they’re not yet executed well enough. Otherwise there wouldn’t be this problem on our planet anymore. But the fact is, it still exists, even to a terrible extent.

Thus, let’s support them to finally put an end to this sad misery.

Zero Hunger - Research Solutions

Step 5: Make Contact

Next, I want to reach out to those people, organizations, and startups that are already doing really cool things. Especially those where I do believe that I can contribute something really helpful that is today still missing.

Or, if the coolest idea has truly come from my own mind, start preparing it and seeking more allies.

Zero Hunger - Make contact get into collaboration

Step 6: Let’s Get it started!

Begin implementing, supporting, or possibly founding my own organization. The best ideas are useless if we don’t put them into action! Now – in step 6 – will be the time to get started.

Zero Hunger - Start best ideas

So, join me on my journey! In the quest to end global hunger, I am embarking on a journey that affects not just myself but – sadly – still all of humanity. I have realized that it’s not enough to just acknowledge the problems; I must and want to act accordingly. This path requires a holistic approach, a combination of awareness, research, and action.

My journey has just begun, but with determination and collaboration, we all together can achieve a lot – and hopefully put an end to this tragedy once and for all.

Would you like to be part of this journey? Share your thoughts in the comments. And: Subscribe to my blog news and never miss any of my next steps on this way. I’ll write more blog posts about all these next steps.

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P.S. I have produced the attached blogpost pictures with Mistral AI via Ollama for picture prompting and taken these prompts into Midjourney. It really just took less than an hour to produce them. And thanks to style reference feature, they all fit to my personal brands corporate identity and to my website quite well. Very happy to have such tools available. And I am very looking forward to use such tools not only for nice pics, but to make a real difference towards Hunger and Famine!

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